Film Club 2011-2012

Greetings everyone! Film Club has been ‘renewed’ for another year at McMaster and will provide ongoing film screenings for the academic year!

We were able to show nine films last year and we will try to push for 10-12 across the two semesters. That being said, for newcomers and interested members, the way the club works is basically you show up to screenings you want to go and have a good time. We’ve always had a very sporadic number of attendees across all the screenings and I don’t think this will change.

Looking back on the films screened last year, I think some films may have been selected without much thought for the audience (sometimes kind of gender restricting?). Will try to think through the film selections more carefully this year. And please feel free to make suggestions as well!

Hopefully the screenings can start sometime late September or early October, regardless, we will update you by email/website so stay tuned.

About macfilmclub

McMaster's Film Club circa since 2010
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